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Een breed scala aan online marketing diensten kan worden uitbesteed, waaronder:

Outsource SEO, SEA, outsource link building, copywriting, social media marketing, leadgeneratie en content creatie.

Want to hire a marketing agency but don't know where to start? No worries! G365 Marketing is happy to share handy tips to help you make the right choice. Scroll down quickly to continue reading.

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Marketing agency G365 Marketing

G365 Marketing is a full-service international marketing agency. Why? Because the world is much bigger than just the Netherlands. If you are looking for an agency that focuses exclusively on SEA campaigns, then G365 is the wrong agency.

At a time when everything is interconnected, we do not believe in half-measures. We look at the bigger picture rather than just one aspect of marketing. We believe that your basic marketing should be in order first. For example: There is little point in directing a lot of traffic to an online shop that is not optimised for sales. Yes, we are honest and direct in our approach. When something is good, we confirm it. And when something can be improved, we tell you so. Supported by facts and data, of course. 

What sets us apart from standard Dutch marketing agencies is our international focus, holistic marketing approach and multilingualism. We combine global insights and strategies to strengthen your brand on all fronts. This allows us to effectively serve not only the local Dutch market, but also global markets and grow your business.

Want to know if we could be a match for your marketing? Then schedule a no-obligation consultation. 


How we approach marketing

In today's dynamic world, marketing is responsible for the (lack of) success of any business. At G365 Marketing, we understand this like no other. We offer a comprehensive service for companies that want to outsource all or part of their marketing activities so that they can focus on their core business.

Why choose G365 Marketing?

International focus: The world is our playing field. We not only focus on the Dutch market, but also have a strong focus on international markets. Our strategies are designed to help your brand grow and flourish globally.

Holistic approach: At G365 Marketing, we believe in a 360-degree approach to marketing. This means we integrate all aspects of marketing, from SEA campaigns and SEO optimisation to content creation and social media management. We ensure that all components work together seamlessly for the best results. For example, we might work with people from your existing team or bring in an external specialist from our established network. It's all about the end result.

Multilingualism: Our multilingualism enables us to communicate effectively with various target groups. Whether for campaigns in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish or any other language, we make sure your message comes across clearly and powerfully.

Data-driven decisions: We base our strategies on facts and data. This means we constantly analyse and optimise to achieve the best results. Transparency is our top priority; we keep you informed about what works and what can be improved.

Tailor-made approach: Every company is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions. We start with a thorough analysis of your company and market, and then develop a strategy that perfectly matches your goals and needs. Do inform in advance whether we are the right party for your industry. Our work experience is broad but not infinite. For example, we do not have specialist medical knowledge like people with medical (doctors') training. However, we do have marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our services:

Strategic planning: We help you develop an effective marketing strategy that matches your business goals.

Digital marketing: From search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) to social media marketing and email campaigns, we cover all aspects of digital marketing. We also provide regular refresher and tailor-made courses to other marketers. As a refresher course or complete retraining.

Content creation: Our talented writers, photographers, videographers, music producers and web designers create engaging content that appeals to and engages your target audience. We don't offer everything in terms of content. Graphic design of a logo or complete corporate identity is not part of our specialism. Not to worry. For this, we collaborate with graphic specialists from our established network. They make magic with programmes such as illustrator.

G365 excels at creating unique content that leaves a lasting impression. Our content appeals to all your senses, both visually and audiovisually, creating an unforgettable experience. For example, we can create a unique anthem or customised music for your brand and distribute it to music platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music and more than 30 other platforms.

Analysis and reporting: We provide detailed analytics and reports to monitor and continuously improve campaign effectiveness. We have access to the best marketing software such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, MOZ, Screamingfrog and new AI tools.

Outsourcing your marketing to G365 Marketing means you can count on a partner who values your success as much as you do. With our international focus, holistic approach, and data-driven strategies, we make sure your brand is not only seen, but also appreciated. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today and find out how we can help your business grow.

"Successful marketing is not a coincidence, it is a strategic combination of creativity and data analysis."

Outsource online marketing

"Marketing is no longer about the things you make, it's about the stories you tell." - Seth Godin.

G365 Marketing

Frequently asked questions

Because we have almost 20 years of experience, we have a very broad knowledge of various topics. 

Ask us beforehand, whether we also have experience in your niche or industry. Upon request, we will gladly share a suitable portfolio.

Online marketing includes SEO, SEA, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and web analytics for an effective digital presence.

Improve ROI by setting clear goals, measuring the right KPIs, performing regular analysis, and continuously optimising the strategy based on the results. Working with an experienced agency that understands your market well can also contribute to better results.

The time it takes to see results varies depending on the specific marketing activities and the competition in your market. SEO and content marketing can take several months to see significant results, while paid advertising and social media campaigns can have a quicker impact.

Yes, you can choose to outsource specific marketing tasks, such as SEO or social media management, while managing other aspects internally. This offers flexibility and allows you to draw on specialised expertise where needed.

The collaboration usually starts with an introductory meeting to understand your goals and needs. A strategic plan is then drawn up and implemented. Regular communication and reports ensure that you are kept informed of progress and results.

Here are our tips for outsourcing your online marketing with the right party:

Cost overview of online marketing outsourcing

Outsourcing online marketing can be a smart move for businesses looking to hire expertise to improve their online presence. Here is a brief overview of the costs associated with outsourcing online marketing:

Various services: Online marketing agencies offer a wide range of services, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising, social media management and content creation.

Packages and tariffs: Costs vary depending on the agency and the package chosen. Rates can be based on hourly rates, monthly subscriptions or project-based pricing. For hourly rates, a marketing agency often starts from €50 per hour. Some marketing agencies that participate in prestige lists like Emmerce can charge as much as €150 or more per hour!

Budget options: Discuss with the agency the budgets available and which services fit within that budget. This way, a tailor-made plan can be drawn up to suit the financial possibilities.

By comparing different agencies, companies can find the best value for money that suits their needs. It is important not only to look purely at costs, but also at the expected ROI (return on investment) of the investment in online marketing.

Outsourcing online marketing gives companies a chance to focus on their core business while experts work on increasing their online visibility and generating leads and conversions.

Want to know what kind of rate G365 Marketing can offer? Then contact us.

How does working with an online marketing agency work?

A team of experts is ready to optimise your online marketing. Benefit from specialised knowledge on SEO, SEA, social media and more.

Getting to know each other: get to know each other and discuss goals and expectations.

Proposal: Get a tailor-made strategic plan for your business.

Implementation: Let the agency manage and optimise the campaigns.

Reporting: Get insights via tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush for measurable results.

Evaluation: Discuss together the results achieved and identify growth opportunities.

With an online marketing agency, you always have someone who thinks with you and focus on achieving success for your business.

By working with professionals, you can benefit from their experience and expertise, which can lead to significant growth for your business.

Invest in working with an online marketing agency if you want your business to stand out online and become successful.

Check which CMS platforms

Our experts are adept at improving website or webshop findability through thoughtful strategies.

At G365 Marketing, we have extensive experience with various Content Management Systems (CMS). Since 2007, we have been working with WordPress, one of the most popular and versatile CMS platforms in the world. However, our expertise extends beyond WordPress; we also have in-depth knowledge of and experience with other leading CMS solutions.

We specialise in building, managing and optimising websites on the WordPress platform. Whether it's simple blogs or complex e-commerce sites, we have the knowledge and skills to make your WordPress site a success.

If you run an e-commerce business, Magento is one of the best choices for a CMS. We help you set up and optimise your Magento webshop so that you can sell your products effectively. We work with a certified Magento agency for this purpose. 

Want to get more out of your Shopify webshop? We would love to help you with this.

Are you growing out of your Shopify website? If so, we would be happy to advise you on a website migration to another more mature CMS system. 

Lightspeed is a powerful e-commerce platform designed specifically for retailers and restaurants without much technical knowledge. With our experience in Lightspeed, we can help you set up or optimise an efficient and attractive webshop, complete with stock management, customer management and integrated payment systems. Lightspeed offers an all-in-one solution to help you keep your business running smoothly.

You choose Shopware, because you have ambition to grow and are looking for flexibility. Shopware offers advantages in SEO, content management, as well as in user management. Shopware is suitable for start-up shops as well as SME organisations and multinationals. 

Marketing agency with web design and creative skills

By working with experts at G365 marketing, you can leave a lasting impression with your target audience.

By outsourcing your online marketing to G365 Marketing Agency, you get access to a team of experts who are up to date with the latest trends and techniques. We know exactly which strategies work to make your website rank higher in search engines.

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